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well bolt owners, this is my bolt. When I first got the bike I put on 12" skinny apes. Well with that brought A LOT of flex in the bars. Mainly the torque from the bars being that much longer. So, to fix this issue I had some new bar bushings made. Instead of the soft rubber its replaced with brass and steel. If you happen to be having the same problems let me know ill give you a price on a pair.

They take away the flex and I have not noticed much for more vibration between the two.

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  • Interested.

  • This^

  • If anyone is seriously interested let me know. $67 and they'll be shipped right to your door.

  • Reminder.

  • Just put 12's on mine i need a set how do i order a set

  • I still have a pair left.

  • Im going to inbox you

  • William still have any left? I know it was well over a year ago haha

  • All gone, if you're really interested just pm me I'll see what I can do for you.

  • Ok. Let me look around and see what I can do, I havent ordered any bars yet but I am planning on going with the 12" skinny apes and I know the riser bushings will need to be replaced.