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    Is anyone having problems with exhaust on 2016 wolverine 700 getting red hot and busting.

    • Contacted dealer today to check on status and asked about reprogramming the ecu and he said they can't do that because of emissions and if I wanted to buy a programmer and do it I could but that would void warranty. So what am I to do.

    • Yeah it depends on dealer with stuff. My service manager told me he didn't care an if something did happen that he would hide it for me or I could pull programmer off before I brought it in.

    • I guess I'll see what Yamaha says this time and make a decision.

    • I work for a Yamaha dealer an the best thing to probably do is try an find out who the Yamaha rep was for that area an see if you can contact him an see if a solution can be reached.

    • It's about to get fun!!! Mine was in for repair, several of the pipes WERE in stock at multiple facilities. Then today all the warehouses my dealer pulls from were out, and there is currently no ETA for more. Their Yamaha rep even said it seemed odd. I imagine a redesigned part is in the works.

    • Talked device department and he said my replacement pipe was on its way. Didn't say how long it would be but didn't say it was on back order. He did say Yamaha said replace it under warranty and ask if it was getting red hot he confirmed it is.

    • I just filed suit against Yamaha for this problem. I haven't seen my Wolverine since taking it for 3rd cracked exhaust on April 28th.

    • I'd be interested to know how you do... I'm not happy with my exhaust experience either

    • Had my header pipe replaced a couple of weeks ago and the new one is a little thicker than the one that can it and hopefully I have no more problems with it

    • My last one only lasted a month. And I never got it wet... I'm running a big gun head pipe on my OEM muffler now. So far so good...

    • Pm me and I'll give you info if would like

    • I have seen this on a friends Viking 6. It blew the pipe out completely. My guess is this will turn into a recall at some point.