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Just picked up a blaster, any bad things about these pipes? What jetting/ carb should I be running with this setup?

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  • I got same pipe I love it

  • The rtv means its sealed good and he prolly didnt ha e gaskets thats why he used silicone. To be honest id rather use silicone amyways. Makes a perfect. Seal

  • You don't have to put "race" before the name of Most of your parts lol. There isn't anything on this bike that should be called a race part. Other than that, rebuild it right away. Doesn't look to be in that good of condition. But nice pipe and reeds.

  • Need a tank cover and hood scoop ? I have one selling real cheap Wyatt Putt

  • Have them but thank you

  • Wyatt putt this must be your first quad? We all learned over the years not to believe anyone when it comes to buying a quad. Seem that they all have work done that you can't see unless you open it up. When I do any work on mine or friends I take pictures with every indication that I can prove its that machine and that motor. I see you are young so there are some very helpful people on here and some that will tell you wrong. Grab a manual and read it and do some homework so you know what you have and what you should and shouldn't spend your $ on.

  • How much

  • This isn't my first quad but this is my first quad with some modifications on it, me and my father work on dirtbikes and quads, the guy said they were both 250's and I figured they weren't and it turns out one isn't I didn't check the other one, I read my manual and study it, thank you for the information I'm learning a lot about these blasters and what can be done to them etc. I'm just new to the modification world and i will ask as many questions as I can so I know what I'm getting or working on, thank you for the info I'll keep looking around

  • Not for sale

  • Just figure out what you are looking to use the quad for and go from there. Good luck

  • If the other one is a blaster it's not a 250 either. There is no such thing as a 250 blaster

  • Not going to race it just a little rip around once and a while quad, I don't want to rebuild this thing every season either so I will do what I can

  • Oh

  • That looks rougher than a chapped set of Eskimo nuts.

  • Nice pipe, nice reeds, but sloppy work they did lol

  • Yea really, looks like some redneck work there

  • Looks rough because they did a crappy job, once it's done it will look great

  • Strip all the spray paint...

  • Wyatt Putt a graduate student from the R A G Engineering College...

  • Not on the frame, I don't have the money to get it powder coated or anything special

  • Terry Preston who, Shawn?

  • No prior owner. Shawn owns HPM

  • Shawn Howell you own hpm?

  • Wyatt Putt he does, he does....

  • I will look into his page

  • Regular paint stripper will get that right off and it won't strip the stock paint because that's powder coat

  • id like a red frame that's just me, I always wanted a red and black blaster

  • Keep that machine and clean/fix it up. You got some REALLY nice parts on it.

  • I've never seen one and as soon as I saw it I knew I had something special, guess these right bend pipes are pretty sawed after?