• Picked her up today

    Picked her up today!

    • Nice boat!

    • Nice boat! Is the tongue too low? Looks like more weight is on the front wheels. If this is the case it could cause overheating/wear issues at speed.

    • Gah that thing is pretty!! Don't beach her!!

    • Todd Cholevik- yes, two things going on. 1) the Lexus GX has auto leveling air suspension, when the automobile is not running, it deflates...2) I had a hitch with 2 inch drop from my lifted Cherokee, went today and bought a level one...

      Good news is she will be dry docked on a lift and only trailered twice a year

    • Lol that's cool. Enjoy!

    • I was worried about the towing situation as well - glad you got it sorted!

      Looks just like mine before I Debadged. Beautiful boat and you'll love it. Cheers!

    • Word of advice: cover the trailer tires so the UV doesn't dry them out.

    • Should be able to get her level with this!

    • Both check engine lights are flashing intermittently on my SX230 HO. Both engines run great throughout their RPM range. Any ideas?

    • Hi Scott - I bought at Anderson Marine as well - went with the 2015....hope you got a super deal on 2014, I considered it....but was hard to pass up the 2015 at the price they wanted for the 2014 early in the year.

    • The '15 is technically superior in many ways, but in the end it's what one can afford