Picked my bike at the shop last evening and headed out the hiway It started to...


Picked my bike at the shop last evening and headed out the hiway. It started to feel like it was out of gas.....went for the shoulder and it died. Called the dealer and talked to the mechanic that had been doing accessories, he said, " I may have forgotten to turn the petcock on"..???? Stupid me, I didn't think the 1300 had a pet cock......he coached me to finding it, opened up and oh yeah, I rode with a smile......Learn something new everyday when you're not that bright to begin with.....I'm always happy!!!!

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  • I was just about to post asking about that as well Mark, wanted to see if anyone on here has run it almost empty after the fuel light comes on

  • The low fuel light is, "reserve" about one gallon. So if you're getting the average 42 MPG you'll get 42 miles. I've never tested it, but I think I've came close.....I count on 200 miles per tank and I think I'm safe at that. In Oregon, I can always get Non Ethanol gas and I get up to 50 MPG, but when out by Bum F*$@k I really don't want to take chances and I fill up :)

  • 200 miles per tank, only spent 3 tanks but not getting that much. maybe better one it breaks in

  • 200 miles may not be bad, I'm kinda new at these bikes, but I see where other "brands" may only get 120 miles per tank. As long as you know when to stop. We make long trips and fuel planning is a big deal in some areas......Fill up before you need too and you won't be stressing.....I don't like riding......thinking, "Oh crap there better be a station soon,"

  • My 07 with tall windshield, bolt on performance parts , 4.3 gal tank gets 40 mpg. I ride the bike between 3000-3500 rpms. Light comes on around 120 miles.

  • My low fuel light comes on at around 120 miles and when I fill up I only put 3.2 gallons in, manual says it is a 4.9 gallon tank, so I was just curious if other people have the same thing

  • John, that seems pretty short mileage wise. I'll check again now that I'm riding, but I seem to remember fuel light coming on around 160, and I count on 210 to empty. Non-ethanol makes a difference. To fill the tank completely you have to stand over the bike and hold it straight up, and the last 1/4 gallon goes very slow due to the neck and venting. It's not recommended and I'm not saying that's how you should do it. However, when I'm crossing a long stretch with questionable gas stations, I want that as full as it will get. I did learn when fueling in hot areas, like over 102.....the fuel will expand and overflow if you don't get right back on the road. If I'm going to stop for water/snacks, I fill up last, right before I head out. I'll check my miles per tank again as soon as I can. I just did the spray film on the bags and it has to stay in the garage for a few days, but we are forecasting snow/rain anyway. :)

  • I burn non-ethanol 100 % of the time when I'm in the local area, but as soon as I leave it's hit or miss. No problem running ethanol, it does cut into your mileage a bit. I average 42 Mpg, but my record is 55. Speed and terrain make a big difference.. If I can average 45 I'm pretty happy. 220 on a tank, but I would never push that unless you forgot to top off.....fuel before you need it and you'll always be free of the worries.

  • I didn't even look for a petcock on the bike. I thought it didn't have one. I'll have to check it out!

  • My low fuel comes on about 160 but I bought it brand new and the first tank the light came on about 120 and it got better with each tank now it is right around 160 regularly.