Picked this up yesterday does anyone know of a company in Australia that makes...


Picked this up yesterday! does anyone know of a company in Australia that makes metal roofs for the viking?

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  • Australia? Who is she?

  • Just design one yourself. Be cr6

  • Creative

  • Done feel bad mate, more than one Ausie viking owner here. At this stage havnt had much luck finding anything aftermarket in Aus other than the overpriced Kolpin gear. Probably going to have to go down the fabrication path if it has to be metal.

  • would rather just buy one and spend the time hunting instead of making it

  • Been out with the plastic one in some pretty heavy bush with no dramas, what's the concern?

  • Christo Zee dont think the plastic roof will cope with my spotlight and handle! check out www.alltigwelding.com they do roofs, bullbars ect but havent started a viking yet, if i was up north id let them use mine for design but im too far away from charters towers!

  • Looks good. Admittedly we used Handhelds last shoot. I'm in the same boat with the handle. Send some pics through if you do go down the fabrication path. Good luck bud. Lift kit install for me tomorrow :-)

  • no worries mate, ill be going a bullbar and side rails, full underbody protection, solid roof and a steel / alloy tray and small dox box