Picked up an 1100 Dragstar yesterday unbelievably clean condition but I d like...


Picked up an 1100 Dragstar yesterday, unbelievably clean condition, but I'd like to change the front wheel/front end to give it the classic look, with the smaller wheel/mudguard and fork shrouds.

Does anyone have any of the necessary parts for sale, or offer any advice on doing it?

Also, it could do with valve clearances doing as it has slight ticking/tapping from the top of the engine, but I understand "they all do that sir," is that right? Probably will do them anyway just for peace of mind.


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  • Although they look like a long stroke engine, they are not. The head is large to look that way. People wind the tick over down to make it sound like a long stroke engine, but all this does is put undue strain on the engine. Is this the case with yours? Does the 'ticking' quiet down if you raise the revs slightly?

  • I'll check later. It seems to tick more as it gets warm.

  • sounds like you want a custom not a classic, classic has full front guard and chunky front end

  • It's the 16" wheel I'm after, with shrouds etc?