Pit stop lol


Pit stop lol.

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  • Hear that lol. I'm gonna need a textile myself for next month when it's colder. I can get by with a hoodie under the jacket til about 60

  • yeah thats what i was doing with mine when all the snow and rocks/sand cleared up, i just layered up and rode, boday stayed warm, hands froze like a mofo

  • I could never figure the hands out lol. When I first started riding I sold my car for a bike, rode all winter and was able to keep my body warm. No matter what gloves I wore I couldn't get the hands to stay warm

  • yeah my only way that i kept my hands moderately warm is with hand-warmers inside my gloves then my riding gloves (mesh :/) over everything

  • Lol damn. Best I had was the regular thin gloves then really thick winter gloves on top. Worked for about 30 mins at 35 degrees out

  • yeah i was riding in like 15-20 degrees lol XD at about 65 mph cause thats what traffic was making me go

  • I too have eaten pizza off the back seat like that, except my cup holder was my fender lol.

  • LMFAO YAY WE AINT ALONE lol or maybe its just use fz6r riders cause my honda friend looks at me like im nuts XD

  • Hahaha nah I did it on my old cbr too, but I did get funny looks then too. They just don't understand :)

  • Great minds think alike!