Possibly looking to sell my 14 Bolt Under 1000 miles on it Has a V H full...

Possibly looking to sell my 14 Bolt. Under 1000 miles on it. Has a V&H full exhaust, Mini Apes and a tail light relocation.

Located in the Lehigh Valley, PA area.

  • Nice! Send it to me! I'm in Oregon!

  • Lot of money to spend a bike you rode for less then 1k miles

  • I had a kid. She takes up most of my time. They are star mini Apes with braided extended cables. That's a spent case from a 30mm gau8. I keep my paperwork in it. And I'm not sorry if my finances and priorities don't satisfy you.

  • Whoa whoa whoa. Wasn't trying to be judgemental, just making an observation. Was actually meant to be more sympathetic, it sucks to spend money on something and not be able to fully enjoy the investment.

  • Thanks Justin Kramer..looks nice...just bought one a few days ago and looking into apes...sucks to have to sell but priorities are more important

  • can you deliver to CA haha

  • Congrats dad. As great as it would feel to enjoy that fine ride around your beautiful countryside, your little girl is gonna lead you around by the heartstrings. When the time is right you can get another bike but you gotta work for a daughter every day. And take lots of pictures of her. I'm ex-Olympus and a father of one son and three daughters, so I know of what I speak. She will change so much in such a short time, a lot of pictures will be priceless over the years. Enjoy your new adventure.