Post below this explains the pic. Us fz6r have a restricted throttle plate also

Post below this explains the pic! Us fz6r have a restricted throttle plate also. Throttle only opens 89%

  • Just be real carefull and look at the throttle % on your diagnostic mode on your bike! Cut it off little bits at a time. If you take too much off it will open too much and do the exact opposite of what we are trying to accomplish.

  • How do i acess the diagnostic mode ?

  • Yamaha Fault Codes

    Error codes Yamaha R1. Explanation and diagnosis.

    To enter the diagnostic mode and check the existing error codes in memory, do the following:

    1. Turn off the ignition, the engine stop button to put in the ON position.

    2. Disconnect the fuel pump connector.

    3. Simultaneously press SELECT + RESET on the dashboard and not let go.

    4. Turn the ignition switch (button still hold) and wait for about 8 seconds until the dashboard inscription "dIAG".

    5. Release the button, SELECT button to select "dIAG" (in case the inscription on the dashboard there was another).

    6. Once displayed on the screen dIAG press both buttons on the dashboard (SELECT + RESET) at ~ 2 seconds.

    7. Once the dashboard displays the diagnostic mode (d01) button to turn off the stop of the engine.

    8. To move through the list from d01 to d64 need using the SELECT (up in the list) or RESET (down the list).

    In the range list from d01 to d59 performed a self-test system components.

    The inclusion of some components is made with the engine brake.

    List of self (opposite numbers menu list Decoder + nominal value):

    D: 01 = throttle position sensor

    completely closed, figures from 12 to 21

    fully opened, figures from 96 to 106

  • I posted how to access fault codes. It works on our fz6r. U don't have to disconnect fuel line plug though. Just turn off red switch on the handle bars that kills the fuel punp. U can look up what all the different codes mean. It's too long to post here

  • Just did mine definitely quicker big difference

  • cheers mate will do it this afternoon

  • I topped it out @ 132 today. It needs different sprockets now because the motor had so much more to go. I can't wait. 132 is good enough I guess lol. It's quicker in every gear after this mod. It gust gets more fuel.

  • just done it i have 98 displayed at full throttle

  • Mine says 95, since it goes to 106 i might fuck around with it one day, what did you set yours at Robert Holsopple?

  • i have the restricted LAMS here in NZ. TPS 17-47 total. Have made a new plate and going to try it out to see if i can get to 97/100, dont want to cut original plate as be hard to sell

  • You can bend the arm too if you wanted to, the other option is the resart plate of your plate does not work out.

  • ive installed my plate and tested it, it goes from 17 to 104 on the TPS diagnostic now, not sure if 104 is to far so going to make another plate and trim it down bit by bit to get between 97-100

  • Some one said further up that it should be between 96-106 so i would say yours is perfect, of you want to be 100% sure take the tank and airbox off and see is the butterfly is over rotating

  • yeah, thats the next plan. Put restricted plate back in for now, it has its first service coming up and will probably put it in after that

  • Don't know about nz but here in aus they don't care about it being unrestricted, after all the engine is made to be unrestricted it's just our shitty licensing.

  • yeah, im still on a restricted licence though. My YZ450f motocrosser has more guts than this so am very keen to do it

  • I had 15 months of restriction when i bought mine, the restrictor lasted a week before i changed it lol

  • I wouldn't go to 106. Just stop at 100. Brett james.