Posting this because there is a loving friendly sense of competitiveness among...


Posting this because there is a loving friendly sense of competitiveness among my dad and I about our bikes. He always gives me crap about how he's still faster even though his bike is double the weight of mine (also double the engine size) but I came out on top today when the harley had no gas! Don't know why I'm posting this to you guys but I guess just to show off that the yami came out victorious today. Beautiful day here in Wisconsin! Hopefully you guys got some riding in today as well

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  • All that expense they don't make add gas gauge o0 lol

  • Haha it has a gauge. He thought he could make it to the station a mile up to road but he was wrong. I got a kick out of it and he will hear about it for the rest of the week

  • having harleys and yamahas in our family, this made me lol.

  • He's faster??

  • I've yet to have a Harley beat me , how is his faster? They usually have a lower redline too

  • He rides a 08 vrod 1250cc vtwin. Things a rocket! Also he has thirty years more experience than me

  • Not sure how accurate this is but this is what I found. If he's not a bit faster than its the exact same as our bikes and it all comes down to rider and he's hands down better than me

  • I want to say the fz6r is 0-60 in 3.2. I think. But yea experience helps for sure. At the end of the day, the 6r is a great fun bike and I enjoy riding it more then attempting to race it. Lol

  • I agree. Technically my bike should corner better than his too but he has a fatter back tire so he handles gravel better than me. Also I get timid and he doesn't. His 02 vrod before it got totalled by an inattentive cager ran a 11.7 quarter mile. His new vrod has yet to hit the drags