Pot stirring topic I know it s not enough to ever notice but do you suppose...


Pot stirring topic: I know it's not enough to ever notice, but do you suppose the 240 is slower than a 210?

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  • I drop mine low because I can :) pshhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I ride at a normal height.

  • It's actually faster. The 210 is quicker if you look at gearing. The riding difference is night n day. 210 rides fine but the 240 makes it feel like a sport bike in turns. Most noticable riding 2 up.

  • Thats like saying synthetic is faster than reg oil. There are pros and cons to everything. Mines faster cuz its red, not because i have a 240...lol

  • I'm just talking about speed, not handling. The bike obviously has the power, but I'm wondering if the 210 makes the bike a hair faster cuz it's easier for the bike to turn, being shorter and lighter. Again, we're probably talking hundredths of a second in a quarter mile, but I'm curious

  • Didn't notice any real change in performance or mileage if thats the question but it makes a noticeable difference in handling. Definitely worth the change. If you follow the tire posts you will see that repeated by everyone thats run the 240.

  • I've hit 135 with more to go with a 250

  • That's the bike not the tire

  • I agree with Mike Stanhouse here. Love the sport bike feel to it now. Only one problem riding 2 up...Tuck your wires in along the side before you venture out!!! Or you will become a member of the "big fat tire ate my wiring Job" club, lols. Love the 240. I hang with sport bikes all day long till about 150 on straight aways

  • I joined that club on a trip to Portugal last summer lol but wouldn't go back to a 210