Pretty sure I have been doing it wrong. Lubed speedo cable with regular grease


Pretty sure I have been doing it wrong. Lubed speedo cable with regular grease. In cold weather the speedo makes howling noise until I've ridden a few miles. Will clean cable and speedo insert. But what is the correct lube to use?

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  • Howling speedo is not the cables fault. Afaik

  • That is in the speedo head itself...You need to pull it and lube the internal parts int here.

  • I use only synthetic grease for the speedo cable.

  • A good Moly grease works well, stay away from Lithium based. It gets gummy as it ages. Greasing the cable is only putting a bandaid on the problem. Jon Fife, Sadly you are experiencing the dreaded speedo death howl. once it starts, there is no cure and it only gets worse as time goes by. The howl comes from the worn plastic gears in the speedo itself. There is a place in Southern California that does rebuilds. Contact Pat Conlon on the FJowners forum. He can get you the link. Another solution is to order a 3 3/8" dia. Speed Hut GPS speedo. Call me and I can give you more details on the speedhut speedo. I will send my number in a PM. Here is a link edometer-Gauge-Speedhut-160mph-programmable

  • No grease, just some drops of engine oil...

  • My speedo had the death howl so loud it could be heard at all speeds and needle was erratic. I used light bicycle grease inside speedo, all moving parts and bought a new speedo cable, has been good ever since - and accurate.

  • My speedo was the original, my brain told me that meant it was 30 years old, I thought I best replace this. I found a german mob who make good ones for less than $30. I bought this, now I love my FJ more :)

  • Vaseline

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  • Heard the same once in Austria and it turned out to be my Ducati's big-end death knell instead :D General rule of thumb with speedo inner cables is grease the whole of it and then wipe the top 6" clean with a rag so's it don't contaminate your speedo's innards (I never did like the inside of my Speedos becoming contaminated.)