Prob a stupid question but I have an Fmf on my quad and it ran good for a...

Prob a stupid question but I have an Fmf on my quad and it ran good for a couple weeks then when I'd pres the throttle all the way it bog a little it a jetting problem?

  • Is it only when you stab the throttle? Prolly needs the ap spring changed and a valve stem cap on the ap rod.

  • Yup and it could be the spring I never checked that

  • If you stab the throttle and it wants to die the air fuel mix is off..

    Did you replace the filter? Bought my wife a warrior and it had stock jetting,on a white bros and i changed the filter because it was a black goo of a mess i had to rejet and adjust the air fuel screw because it would die once i stabbed the throttle..

  • My filter could be changed it's not finished but definitely not new ill try the filter and stuff an if it still does it I guess I'll have to get a jetting kit

  • No need for a jet kit.. Just pick up a one size bigger pilot and main.. Most only need one size bigger some 2 or more.. Will save you alot more money..

  • There's a shop near me that I can get it 45$ and it has an extra pilot and main jet with it

  • Nick Unis

  • Im into 3 jets for 10 bucks..

  • Just pick up a 45 pilot and . i,think a 147.5 main if ypur gonna jet and change the filter

  • I just tried a friends airfilter not sure the brand starts with k and it didn't bog what so ever bu I'll still pick up different jets