Probleme techniques


Probleme techniques :

Quelqu'un aurait-il un plan éclaté de l'ensemble pignon d'entrainement + d'arbre a came ? mon pignon tourne dans le vide sans lancé le moteur.

Somebody would have it a of the pinion unit of drive of camshaft? my pinion turns in the vacuum without launched the engine.

sorry for the bas translate...


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  • Broken camshaft chain?

  • Part #1 there is the starter sprocket on the crankshaft isn't Brian? Does it drive the camshaft too?

  • I actually can't see any picture so I don't know what part 1 is! Just guessing!

  • Yes!

  • The chain isn't broken. My xs 360 haven't anymore... maybe some past owner would have broken it.

  • You mean number 2? Chain is missing? Gone?

    So you have no electric start, only kick start?

  • Yes... it's hard for me....i'm a girl .... ;-)

    That's why i would like to repair it but it s hard to find this kind of part online.

  • Maybe here?

    ebay uk

  • Great thanks !