Put 200 miles on the new Corbin seat today best mod I ve bought for the bike

Put 200 miles on the new Corbin seat today, best mod I've bought for the bike!

  • Art Gonzalez, I just painted the chrome ring. When I installed the fork gaitors, I bought some PVC piping that was almost big enough in diameter to fit around the top of the forks, between the triple trees. I just made a sections long enough to fit between the trees, then made a cut from top to bottom in the PVC so it would expand enough to fit around the forks. Then I painted them with rust-o-lium gloss black appliance epoxy paint.

  • Haha holy crap Jason that is awesome. I've looked up nearly all Yamaha bolt video mods on you tube an I can tell you that that is not on there. I think pictures closer up or a video of it would be cool. I'm curious to see it myself! Great improv work!

  • Thanks Art Gonzalez, I'll try and post some up close pics for you. I copied the idea from low and mean, I just couldn't give up $90 for parts I could make for less than $20.

  • Here you go Art Gonzalez ...

  • haha That my friends (fellow Bolt owners) is the finest improv mod the bolt may get which looks as good as the manufacturer ones!! I am in awe at how genius that is! haha way to stick it to the man jason

  • Thanks Art, the idea is not licensed, so feel free to copy it ...

  • What size pvc pipes are they? I am not really a "handy man" I'm learning on the go. Also where did you buy a motorcycle Jack to lift the bike and install those?

  • The forks are 41mm outer diameter (1.6") I brought a set of measuring calipers with me when I went to Lowes. I think what I ended up with was 38mm (1.5") inner diameter PVC tubing. I bought the motorcycle jack from Northern Tool.