Put back together. next step is paint


Put back together....next step is paint

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  • Sweet ride brother

  • Powder coated classic front end, classic powdered cast wheels, me880 white walls, truck lite led headlight with kuryakyn led trim ring, biltwell bars, side mount license/brake light, barons tach, boulevard shield, and a few other goodies. Love how it's turning out.

  • When I'm not poor anymore I am going to take my bike and get ghost flames and some Christian stuff airbrushed on the bike

  • Please tell me more about that head lamp!!!!

  • Dennilo Gosioco you can read up on Kuryakyn Phase 7 headlight....it's a nice Led unit. A company called TruckLite sells the same light for about a hundred dollars less than kuryakyn....for the same light. Google that ish up....

  • Mark Thats some awesome info bud! Greatly appreciate it!!!!

  • Good luck. The light fit just great in the 7" classic bucket. The connector had to be filed down to slip right inside the stock electrical connector...but it fit and worked out just fine.

  • Oh...and the trim ring is a separate piece...but that's pretty damn bright too. All LEDs.

  • Thank you sir!