YZ250 1999 year

Runs but slightly smokey cut out and when kicked it makes like a pressure splat backfire noise through the exhaust pipe but given about 10 mins it kicks up???

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  • Ahh ok thanks, I was worried abit thinking the top end was shot haha

  • You mean it is farting LOL! :D That is backfire.... Does it ricochet and recoil LOL! :D

  • It rides perfect and usually/does kick up on the 3rd kick (me being a weaklin) haha

  • Nah, Mine will occasionally give a half arsed backfire when I'm cold starting too. I suspect mine's a bit too far advanced because as well as doing that it's got huge amounts of bottom end power but tapers off a bit up top.

  • I'm not upto scratch with bikes tbh that's why I worry when things like this happen haha

  • Yeah, better to be cautious than careless though. It'll save you money in the long run.

  • Ya not rong mate ;)

  • Are you supposed to take the power band/valve or what ever it's called out and clean it every now an again? The bike has only done around 7 hours since the last rebuild an had all the whole engine built from bottom to top end new crank an twin ringed piston and conrod with new barrel an full new gasket set an hasn't been ridden hard atall

  • I didn't build it mate the last owners dad did it as he was an engineer an had access to all the stuff mate

  • the ark was built by amatures the titanic was built by engineers might be worth checking the top end out