Question. anyone bought the 2015 24ft boats


Question.:) anyone bought the 2015 24ft boats?

Is the low speed handling much better and what about noise? Engine noise?

We looked at a 242 limited s today.:)

They are the only two things on the Yamaha I don't like.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:)

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  • I Have a 15 242 limited S, love it, much quieter, it is very quiet compared the the old 242. The control is better, still not a stern drive, but it draft only 16 inches. It's a learning curve, however slow maneuvering is much better with the new articulating keel.

  • I have a 2015 242ls. Love it. It is much quieter than previous years. Low speed handling is greatly improved. Once you get used to the jets, I don't think there's much that handles better. Also, that keel cuts through waves giving significantly smoother ride.

  • Thrust Vector XL takes care of the steering. I had single engine version of the 1.8 HO and it was bit loud... So I'd imagine double that would be much louder

  • Love my 2015 AR240, about the same noise level as my previous I/O with a 5.7 V8 We can easily talk in the cabin at full throttle. Handles great just have to learn to use both throttles for low speed maneuvering

  • Hey Mike, we are also looking at a Larson 23 SS with a 350mag and Bravo 3 drive.

    Desperate for my wife to be able to pull me up out the water and be confident in driving it. Just have not be able to do that in our 212ss 2008... I can drive it fine and dock. But can't cruise in it!!!!

  • Stuart Bicknell check out a regal 2300, best bang for the buck. Previous boat was a 2009 212ss

  • I've got the previous 242 and I still live it despite the new upgrades. The steering is superior to an I/O. I've had both and after 4 years with a jet I much prefer it to an out drive. The only thing I wish the boat had were trim tabs. However given the price and RELIABILTY of the Yamaha engines, you'd be hard but pressed to a find a boat this good. I see more 10 yr old yamahas than any other boat on the lake each weekend.

  • I put thrust vectors on my 14 and can maneuver it however I want. It really is as easy as driving a car. I don't think the noise is bad at all either. The only thing I wish I had was electronic throttles.

  • Ditto on the electronic throttle. 2014 240SX.

  • Why can't you cruise in it?

  • My wife never drove a boat before, I said to her I'll only drive it after you master it. It took almost one season but she's great. If we can both learn to drive a 2015 242ls anyone can. We even started tubing and got one skier up all in our first season

  • Has the new 2015 got electronic throttles?

  • Yes. But not as good as the 2016 "E" series...

  • Yes and no. They have cables that go back to the engine compartment and connect to and electronic throttle. The new 2016 E series are full electronic

  • Oh I see. Would love to have a test drive before I commit. I really want to keep with Yamaha but the Bravo 3 offers a lot of slow control and cruising up the Trent water ways