Question my fuel gauge showed I was really low on fuel a little sliver showed...

netboard fuel gauge showed I was really low on fuel...a little sliver showed I would say 1/16th at best..first of all it seemed to go from 1/4 to nothing really fast so after a panic attack I made it to a marina to fill up and it only took 43 gallons?? Says it holds 53 10 gallons left and really showed nothing on the gauge does this sound right?? It's a 2014 212SS

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  • So how do you track gallons used?

  • My wife ask me if we had paddles on our boat yesterday. I told her I had an anchor and a phone. If I lose power, I drop the anchor and call for a tow! I can't imagine paddling my boat more than 50' at most!

  • I dont. I look at my guage and when it gets towards the E. I put gas in it. Fairly simple system.

  • My 2012 240 gauge has buttons to cycle through digital read outs and one of them is gals used...I set one gauge for tht the other is set for depth

  • Gas tank is 50 gallons not 53...

  • I think both tank and gauges on the older Yamaha's are relative to that boat. My tank is stamped 52gal....and my fuel gauge? Stays full for a long time before it starts to bounce around, slowly get to around half a tank.....then nose dives to a quarter quickly.... and I'll have 15-18 gals still left, but I start figuring out where to fill up. At least it's been consistent from day 1-

  • What Jerry does.

  • I just spoke with my dealer Eric at Bayside Jet drive and he confirmed that it is designed to have approx 10 gallons left when on empty

  • The reason is not just so you don't run out of fuel but it keeps fuel in the pump bowl all the time and prevents damage from running it dry

  • Thanks usual you are very helpful