Question what octane gas to use in my soon to have Viking always did 91 or 93...


Question ,,,,, what octane gas to use in my soon to have Viking always did 91 or 93 in past rigs

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  • I wouldn't even begin to know where to find non-ethanol fuel

  • Use any you want but mix with marine stabil to reduce the corrosion that ethanol leaves in fuel system .do not use regular red stabil as that does not work

  • We do

  • Regular. No benefit in running higher octane. The engines aren't designed to run higher grade. While it won't hurt anything, you get NO GAINS vs regular. Y'all are wasting yalls money.

  • Page 10-2, bottom left corner:

    "Regular Unleaded gasoline only"

    Higher octane is only beneficial with higher compression. And regular unleaded is said to be 70-80% fresher in the tanks because most people run it where super can sit in a tank for months. Just something to think about

  • These engines run lean from the factory, after adding an exhaust and even a programmer it's piece of mind knowing your not gonna get detonation from running low octane. That's why I choose to run premium

  • Ethanol just eats the hell out of anything plastic if it's in there awhile. Such as a float in the tank, it will eat away the float and it will be at the bottom of the tank. Happened to my uncle on his sled

  • Nonethanol only

  • That's what I have been told so I run 87

  • Only reason I run 91 is it is the only no ethanol fuel I can buy.

  • I run 91 for peace of mind. Shell has the most detergents to help keep your engine clean so I use them. Price difference from regular to premium isn't that much so it costs me an additional $10-$15 bucks a year for peace of mind. No big deal.

  • Ethanol collects water and causes alot of problems.