QUESTIONS. What oil do u run where do u live. This is out of the Stryker Manuel


QUESTIONS ??? What oil do u run & where do u live? This is out of the Stryker Manuel. .....Does anyone go by this?

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  • The reason I'm not sold on synthetic is that synthetic oil is broken down with chemical compounds to make it synthetic versus conventional oil is crude oil and is not altered or broken down therefor I don't not want all that unwanted chemicals in my bike

  • No one says you have to run synthetic, I don't. Bottom line it can extend the life of your engine. What is more expensive synthetic oil or an engine rebuild.

  • Synthetic oil yes you can go 7500-15,000 miles depending on which type of vehicle you own and that's what those compound chemicals due they make it a thinner oil and make it a more longevity oil but other than that it's basically about how often you want to change your oil

  • My advice stick with what your manufacturer calls for.

  • Manufacturers use a now called synthetic blend

  • Yamalube youll be fine

  • I change my to10w40 full synthetic live in chicago

  • The head mechanic at my local Yamaha dealer told me he won't use that stuff unless the bike owner requests it, and then he'll recommend something else.

  • Thanks for posting this I was just getting ready to ask the same question.