Quick question for you all I had my bike idling today while I was cleaning up...


Quick question for you all. I had my bike idling today while I was cleaning up my yard for about 15-20 mins and it just shut off by itself. Does anyone know if this is just a safety feature or should I be concerned?

Thanks in advance

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  • Bikes don't like long idles, it over heats

  • Why on earth do you let it idle for so long man? If you gonna be busy with something rather switch it for goodness sake. Lol. It will start again if you switch it off you know. The owners manual states the bike will turn itself off after a few minutes of being left in the idle state. Its a safety feature so it doesn't overheat.

  • I know I was getting ready to ride and got caught up lol. Just making sure I was a little worried because I literally just got the bike. Thanks for the help guys.

  • Theres a switch built in.. after a certain amount of time it'll shut off.

  • One of the biggest engine wear points is idling, don't do Dat.

  • The FZ6R inherited the R6 engine detuned but its compression ratio still above 12:1, that means heat, a lot, despite having a radiator fan the bike (and many car and bikes) will overheat idling, at least you was able check that the idling shut down feature is working, otherwise it could catch fire.

  • So what happens when you guys get stuck in traffic? Especially in states where lane filtering is not allowed.

  • Illinois doesn't allow it by law but LEOs will look the other way as long as you're respectful. Most of them understand that the bikes can't sit still for long.

  • You're still rolling slowly, moving coolant and pushing air with the fans.

  • I am from Colombia the normal temp where I live is 12ºC to 22ºC (53ºF to 68ºF) at least here filtering is not formally prohibited hahahahah, when the bike reach 100ºC (212ºF) the radiator fan kick in and keep spinning until bike cool down near to 90ºC (194ºF) I don't know the states, but in traffic at least you move, even slowly the radiator is able to catch some wind and cool, in the user manual you can find the normal operation temperature range, mine never reach the top of that range, this bike is like many others, she does not like to go slow.

  • That's normal.