Quick question Mra sport screen how is it I looks great And suspension what...


Quick question. Mra sport screen, how is it? I looks great. And suspension, what have people changed to?

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  • I have Andreani inserts up front and Ohlins rear.

  • Could you explain the difference ? Gregg Pedder likes nitron r2 n andreani kit

  • Andreani gives compression and rebound damping adjustments. My Ohlins gives rebound only. I believe that the Nitron is all singing and dancing: couldn't quite stretch that far.

  • Ohlins is a single adjustable emulsion unit, same style as the original, but obviously with better damping. The Nitron NTR R2 is a 2 way adjustable gas charged unit that let's you adjust compression and rebound independently of one another. In this case the Ohlins only sells because of the name. The Nitron is a much better product in every way.

  • Gregg Pedder but r1 gives compression and damping adjustment in the same setting. Why do you need r2?

  • The R1 doesn't give you independent adjustment. The R1 is the same style emulsion unit as the Ohlins and original

  • Can't comment on the screen, kept the original. Regarding suspension I have gone Ohlins rear, the basic unit and only because an opportunity arose thanks to this group I was able to get one at a decent price but had an uprated spring and a revalve upgrade. Have the standard forks with an adjustment.

    For me it has transformed my ride, the Andreani kit is no longer on my radar.

    Like many other aspects of the ride - suspension, tyres, seat, screen etc are subjective. The way I ride and what I like isn't the same as many others, my riding isn't overly aggressive comparatively - I don't fiddle with the settings, I adjust to the conditions.

  • MRA screen works great. Much better than stock.