Quick question to be doubly sure If we fit any exhausts other then the...


Quick question to be doubly sure. If we fit any exhausts other then the akrapovic one(s), do we invalidate the manufacturer's warranty? Thabks in advance!!

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  • Can't see it. I've fitted loads on loads of bikes and never had an issue.

  • Whe I asked my dealer said he didn't care, guess he meant that it didn't matter

  • You invalidate the exhaust warranty. Unless they can prove the exhaust being changed made your underseat plastics crack. Unlikely.

  • Oooh; cracked panels?! Mine are going back to be replaced for the second time.

  • I asked that about fitting the silicone cooling hoses that the boss was going to get a job lot discount on..........:-)

    I was told it would only be a problem if the bike developed a problem with the cooling system, so just the usual ' any excuse not to pay out ' clause being banded about.

  • So, as Steve Pilgrim mentioned, it is probably the typical situation of finding excuses to not pay out should something fail. I shall contact Yamaha/dealer to see what they have to say about this before i do something naughty!

  • Ha!

    I've not been round past the factory for ages!

    But then why should I get a discount for them....when I got them at cost price

  • For us, your loyal followers ? !! :-)

  • I could argue Yamaha garage both encouraged me to, and fitted my Scorpion exhast. Due my 6000mile soon and will be having polite words regarding the standard cracked panels and rusty shock :-(