Raced a Ferrari 458 and beat it


Raced a Ferrari 458 and beat it

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  • Modena was on bumpy road 0-90

  • Racing very powerful cars never is a good idea . The speed escalates all too quickly . Having tried it on with my panigale with one, the problem is you're up to the north side of 150 too quickly and commitment and skill is needed , when all I had was terror and realisation

  • No different than riding with my regular riding buddies on r1 and gixer 750.

  • They are gone once I hit 120

  • The r1 hits warp drive man

  • One thing having a bike on your tail at high speed, a whole other thing with a car 6 feet off your backside, that's gets the bum cheeks twitching

  • Std mode ?

  • B mode tbh

  • As a life long bike rider and having driven a "super car" I can vouch for the fact that most drivers are happy to sit behind a bike and watch to see what it can do in the first bend. Once you realise that the bike isn't going to out accelerate the car, you know the race is over. Pass him at your peril, who wants 200+ kg of out of control underbraked motorcycle running into the back of your £200000+ car.

  • This was on dual carriage way to start with, side by side