Reading some of the posts from the Australians you guys seem to have so many...

Reading some of the posts from the Australians, you guys seem to have so many stages in your bike licensing?? So that got me curious, what are the requirements/process to getting your motorcycle license where everyone lives and how many stages/restrictions do you have?

  • Ya i miss it, sold it cause i thought i was moving some place where it snowed 6-7 months out of the year.

  • Joshua Burks, oh so like where I live? ;)

  • Lol ya

  • Snow wont stop a rider here. Once the roads are cleared doesn't matter how much snow is piled up on the side lol if the pavement is exposed and dry, people are out in the middle of winter the crazies! lol

  • 929 and a fz6r...... two totally different bikes. Lol

  • Did mine in B.C., Canada. Already had car license so had write a 30 question theory test, this gives you 80km speed restriction, no night driving or passenger and need to be accompanied by fully licensed rider 30$

    two weeks later, control/emergency maneuver test in parking lot. Speed and night restrictions lifted. 60$

    Two weeks later, road test and fully licensed. 40-50$

    Course optional.

  • Atlanta, under 18 you have to have a permit for 6 months ( no passangers) then can get a license over 18 just gotta walk in pass a test and walk out with license. Or you can do as I did and take a state certified class then walk out with a form to hand dav and get license without taking road test.

  • Love the 929, that prob woulda been my next bike if I didn't get the fz6r lol.

  • Actually I was also thinking of an 05-06 600rr with risers, but in the end the 6r won out. Decided I didn't need a race bike on the streets anymore. Plus the fz6r is a lot more comfy lol