Ready for Spring debris dodging on the CT river


Ready for Spring debris dodging on the CT river

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  • LMBO!!! Spring debris dodging!! That's so true!! We are on the Ohio River in Louisville, Ky. We were out yesterday doing some dodging ourselves. And I love the enclosure!! I have made a makeshift enclosure. It involves a sheet and some clamps. Works, just not waterproof. My redneck camper!! Lol!

  • Peggy White Saraceno- Can you share with me the height of your name letters? Our boat is at the lake (3 hours away) and I like the location you placed your name. We have a 242 limited S also.

  • I'll measure it today & let you know Scott Corbitt

  • would love to see more pics inside your enclosure? we are looking at 2015 242 limited s soon!

  • Aaron R Birk here you go -we put Velcro on the inside to hang curtains for privacy

  • awesome

  • Scott Corbitt---our lettering is 2.5 inches high & 28 inches long. You can go larger if your name is shorter

  • Thank you Peggy, love it cant wait to get my yamaha and install something similar!! Exactly what the wife and grandbaby will need for shade.