Ready for the SUMMER TIME


Ready for the SUMMER TIME!!!

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  • 2009 1300 tourer

  • Nice. Have the same year and color. :) I thought about getting backrests for mine, but I seem to lean forward too much to where my back would never touch it. I've even raised the bars all the way.

  • I just got it about six months ago love it had a 00 650 before. It was a big upgrade!!!

  • Yeah same here. I upgraded from a 2005 Honda Shadow 750 because I needed something better at highway speeds. Never looked back after getting mine. Glad you like yours!

  • Hi Guys, how do you find riding with the screen? looking to fit one for this Summer's European Trip

  • Hi Paul Giles. I may be biased since I never rode without one, but I did test drive a bike that didn't have one and felt like I was going to blow off once I hit 60-70mph. And then when I look at my windshield after a ride and see all the dead bugs on it, or am behind a rock truck and hear them hitting the screen, I am thankful I have one. :)

  • Hi Patrick, thanks for the feedback. I've a lot of daily mileage planned and want to reduce the buffeting and keep drier, if it does rain.

  • Screen does work great for rain i ride year round and i would never go back

  • Don't make the mistake I did. I got one that was too tall and during the rain, especially at night, it would reflect the headlights behind me and I couldn't see through the windshield. Make sure you can see over the top

  • Cool, so how do you guys like the back rest?