Rear brake overheated and locked up on Saturday So I ve got a complete rebuild...


Rear brake overheated and locked up on Saturday. So I've got a complete rebuild kit on it's way to my door. Everything.

Never done this before...... Wish me luck! :D

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  • Never heard about such cases, how it can lock? which are those causes? it happen when you drive?... sounds dangerous if back wheel locks when you drive, could be an accident (((

  • Removed, split, stripped and cleaned. Now we wait for the postman..... Cause? Lack of maintenance on my part I'm afraid. :( (I am a bad man.) Pads worn and seals gone hard. (Probably original) Unable to make one of the pistons go back in. Everything came apart easily enough. FULL of crap!

    I'll be having a look at the front too.

  • Overheated. Swelled up. = Locked!

  • I had same problem too. Couldn't identify a cause as the rear brake assembly was clean and tidy at the time. Fortunately it only cost me a set of pads and a bit of labour at my local Yamaha dealer to free up the seized piston. Ride safely, you guys.

  • An up-date..... STILL haven't got my hands on the rebuild kit yet but the pads arrived so I had a look at the front. All good! :) Loads of meat left and all the pistons can be squeezed in with my fingers. So a clean up, re-CoppaSlip and re fit.

    If you've not done anything like this before, don't panic! Just take your time and think about what you're doing. You'll save lots of money and KNOW that the job's been done properly.

    The cost so far has been about £100, and that includes all six pads.

    The front pads I have are going on the shelf.... for now! :)

  • It is always nice when you can do your own repair and maintenance. tos/WHdrPBF82758zxFV8

  • A friend of mine ALWAYS takes his to the garage, so that he KNOWS it's been done right.

    I do my own for the same reason! :)

  • I have started on my 12th with mopeds.

    I learned a lot of my mistakes.

    When i brought a motor to a dealer there where problems or forgotten things afrerwards. Also with cars. (Lease now)

  • Well I'm guessing that draining the old fluid was a mistake because now the new fluid wont go in. :( I've come indoors for a think....

  • You do the right thing ?

    Pumping the lever or pedal and draining the fluid and air at the nipple on the brake caliper?

  • Yep. Tube from nipple to bottle. (End submerged)


  • I never submerge.

    Just something to collect the fluid. But that's not important.

    You can try to fill it reverse with a syringe.

  • Yeah. That's the only thing I can think of too.

    Could be messy..... How would you go about that?

  • I cut the tip off.

  • Through the bleed nipple?

  • Martin James yep

  • Okie dokes. Done for today. I'll try that next. Thanks. (y)

  • Martin James Keep us posted.

  • Will do. (y)

  • And so. It's done! (y) A mate dropped off his vacuum pump for me to use. Excellent piece of kit. Going to buy my own. :)

    201484432141 on evilBay. (y) Less than £15.... :)