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Can someone send me a link I need to purchase clutch plates with the springs and bolts I can't find it nowhere

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  • Your not looking very hard at all. Did you try googling blaster clutch, or simply typing blaster clutch into eBay

  • Sure did

  • That's ironic because when I type Blaster clutch into Google every thing that comes up is a link to new blaster clutch

  • Your so kind, I won't do the work for the lazy

  • Figured I'd stop the 20pg discussion before it starts lol.

  • Fuck it let it roll, you can't help idiots lol, if he can't find the clutch on the vast interwebs, you think he is smart enough to install it?

  • I'm still learning Google myself. (Jk) but ya I suppose haha. Maybe that's why he needed someone to show him the part to order cause he has 0 clue. And ofc everyone know u only install the steels that come with it. The corked fibers are just for packaging duhhhhh.

  • Right it's the protective packaging

  • Yes and it's for a second set. I like to grind that cork mess bs off with a nice fat angle grinder. And use them as a backup set.

  • And if u mix about 3 tablespoons of deer spit with the gear oil. Those puppies will last u forever

  • All yall lame on here being Internet gangstas puss I asked a question keep ya smart ass comments to yaself

  • And we gave u an answer buckwheat

  • You did and I thank you but the other fool just like to talk

  • He is extremely intelligent on a blaster. He just isn't the person that's gonna do research and give u links on a part when Google is just a click away for everyone.

  • True I found plenty of clutch kits none with the bolts just the plates and the springs

  • Old one they got sheared off

  • I'm not certain if any kit comes with bolts? I've never had to buy them so I'm not certain. May have to just order the bolts separate. And God damn something wasn't happy inside there. Make sure u flush the cases out real good.

  • Yeah dude I bought it from probably over torqued them and stripped them so they were loose

  • And my other one I'm restoring stretched 99 blaster with a yz250 motor

  • Who stretched the swinger?

  • Bought it like that and yes I know it needs gussets but $100 I couldn't say no

  • Right on. They look good stretched but yeah definitely needs some support on it

  • No clutch kit out there comes with the bolts for the pressure plate springs, you have to buy the bolts from Yamaha dealer or online OEM parts wholesaler. You might be able to find them on eBay. Your probably gonna need a clutch boss too since the bolts got fucked up in the boss.