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I had the OE Dunlops replaced at 1000 miles as I didn't like them. Tyre fitter struggled to balance the front; we found that the casting/machining is a mile out. The front currently has 100g to balance it, 80g to balance the bare rim. Anyone else experienced this?

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  • Still on OE tyres but will keep my eye on this. Will be taking it to the dealer I bought it from when it's time to change, just in case. Personally I think these tyres suit the bike and I'm usually a Michelin PR fanboi. Had no issues with them and will be needing to change the rear before my trip in September. Torn between a full set of PR 3s or 4s or just the Bumflop UK replacement then a full set after......

  • I've had both the 3 and the 4 on my VFR1200. The 3 gives better front feedback in my opinion.

  • That's interesting Rees, I've had 2 and 3's not tried the 4's. What was the tyre wear like between the two, I found the 3's had a lower mileage life than the 2's. Sorry don't know about the OE tyre and rim having balancing issues - will find out in a few weeks.

  • I got over 9k from the 3's on my VFR1200. Sold the bike with the 4's on it. They had done over 4k and were fine.

  • What you doing with the old tyres? Can I have em?

  • You can buy them. £80 +p&p

  • Can you PM a pick of the wear on them I'm interested.

  • Will do when I get home

  • Hey Rees Mills good to see you on here. Where do you go for you tyres, I need to replace the PR3 on my Fazer for PR4's I'm told FWR or Watling, what do you think?

  • Watling in Gillingham for fitting. Order online from