Reinstalled my battery last night but engines won t turn over on my 2007 SX 210


Reinstalled my battery last night but engines won't turn over on my 2007 SX 210. Checked throttle neutral switch and kill switches on the swim platform. My accessories work on the dashboard (blower, bilge pump). Are my wires hooked up incorrectly or is this an amperage problem that I need a jump for?

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  • I always zip tie the wires that come off each battery post together to avoid any confusion. Its hard to tell if you have them on correctly. Check the cleanout hatch and be sure the pin switches are pressed down enough.

  • Is your your starter clicking !?

  • did you charge the battery fully first? Low charge will be enough for accessories; but not to turn over motor. And how old is the battery? I had to replace mine last season for similar issues

  • I rechecked and tightened the terminal leads. Also checked the helm switch, clean out plug switches, and the battery fuse. Probably due for a new battery.

  • No starter is not clicking.

  • If you didn't charge it it may be fine. Take it to autozone, or similar. They will test it for you for free to rule that issue out.

  • Most auto parts stores will load test them for you for free.

  • Mine was doing the same thing and it was the starter relay

  • u got the wires hooked up backwards

  • If so, could have done some electrical damage or at the least, blown some fuses.

  • BTW 99 out of 100 starters are destroyed by a weak battery, although many go bad a short time later. Don't shot gun and hit the start switch unless you have $300-400 per key turn to burn. Is you battery good? A flashlight batter may make accessories work also. Meter some battery tests. Does it measure 13.6 ish, was it just charged? IS the measurement a static charge. Can you hook up a head light for a couple minutes then measure a good charge. If the battery is good move to the next MEASUREMENT.

  • Dead battery. Got fresh water running through the engines now. Thanks for all the help!

  • Always check the easy stuff first )