• reminder to always ware you re safety equipment. pants helmet jacket gloves etc

    reminder to always ware you're safety equipment (pants, helmet,jacket, gloves,etc)I want anyone who has a motorcycle to ware there safty stuff. I'm 17 and have already been to the hosptial and it was a bad experience and I don't want any of you guys to get hurt :) I want everyone to ride and have fun not be stuck in a hospital c:

    • Been there done that lol!

    • Not good. What happened? Looks like you were wearing what you currently have on :/

    • I was giving a buddy a ride home so I have him everything to ware and this ass hole in a trick decided to slam on the breaks in the middle of the road for no reason and we hit the back back of it. I cough my friend so he landed ontop of me and I slid across the ground. He had a sprained wrist.

    • This was a while ago I just wanted to remind people to be safe well riding c:

    • My clavicle separated out of my AC joint in my shoulder. Doctor told me if I wasn't built the way I was I would have lost it. I was going to wear flip flops and shorts to the fund raiser I was heading to with my bike. A sobering experience. Keep it between the ditches.

    • I work in an Emergency room and I've dug gravel out of people (road rash is Hell). I had a girl in flip-flops who de-gloved her feet while riding on the back of a motorcycle. I've also treated a lot of guys who ride with leathers or armored gear. They usually walk out of the emergency room with a couple of bruises. The guys without helmets usually don't make it in. I've ridden for years and so do a lot of the doctors and nurses I work with, but we ride with gear.

    • I didn't have my helmet or leather on so I consider my self lucky:) Craig I'm glad your okay c: