Reuseable filter vs throw aways Whos using what Hate having to get online and...


Reuseable filter vs throw aways. Whos using what? Hate having to get online and order my filters.

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  • Just buy like 6 at a time from Rocky mountain atv, they are less than 3 bucks.

  • I buy 10 hi-flo filters at a time from Amazon for $30.I only use throwaways

  • Reuseable. I get my filters from BNR Motorsports. I have 5 or 6 that have lasted us 2+ years.

  • I have 2 stock Yamaha filters that I rotate. Get them same day from my local dealer who supports quads. The stock filters I have had the best life with and they are built to Yamaha spec so they filter unlike some aftermarkets.