Riding trikes after work Long day with to much drama just need to get my...

Riding trikes after work! Long day with to much drama.. just need to get my braapp on

  • Hell yea braap on brother!!

  • Taking the Dr back to the swamp lol. Gonna go see if I can get her stuck. Just put the bear claws on the back so I think she will be pretty hard to get stuck

  • Try now cause Sunday is judgment day!! Lol.

  • Lol. I'm not taking my dr through a death hole. I have other shitty wheelers if I'm gonna kill one

  • Not kill just wound lol

  • Lol either way I'm not gonna beat her that hard. I might take that 200e that's identical to Mitch Tullius big yellow beast

  • Have a chance to buy a Honda x ...Would u know if they are a tad bit quicker than my DX....Just curious..

  • 200x?

  • Yes honda

  • Not stock they aren't. Honda guys would tell you otherwise

  • Yamaha group

  • This one was worked up some....it shreads my DX up