Right after realising my bike is a lil slow im on a perfomance upgrade clean up


Right after realising my bike is a lil slow im on a perfomance upgrade/clean up...

Just orderd a k&n air filter... what else could i do/change to improve the perfomance... anything that can be checked that may be losing speed for me etc?

P.s not asking for bore kit advice or anything like that.. im generaly happy with the bike and speed but newer models seem to be outdoing me lol

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  • Pretty pointless on a 125 tbh as I said above my bone stock wr is faster than Joe Miller wr and gets there faster. And his is more powerful and longer geared but I weigh alot less so I don't need all that power and gearing to get to higher speeds. Just loose some weight even a little makes a big difference

  • Chop both legs off you will still have a third leg to use gear shifter if you get me ;) ahaa

  • On a 125 every little helps there never going to be amazingly fast. I have one in my r 125 and pick up/acceleration is a lot better

  • Joe Miller don't you have a k and n and change of plug ?

  • Lol will get on a diet asap too

  • I'm around 10 and half stone normally unless I've been on holiday and my bike flys I had my mate who's 12 stone on my wr and I went on his bike and it only did 70mph with him on it lying down and I only sit upright and get 80mph

  • Dont know about ur model but my 2008 outdoes the 2013 and 2014 models

  • hmmm maybe i just weigh too much lol

  • get a different bike the yzf is slloooooooow

  • I put a bmc racing airfilter on mine racing spark plug upgraded sprocket kit racing cdi and a sports exhaust tops out 91mph