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Was this introduced to compete with the Bolt?

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  • 今日納車しました

  • I don't think so. They already have the Street and the Sportster. The Bolt was introduced to compete with them.

  • Although HD sales are tanking and Yamaha is soaring currently.

  • I think this WAS introduced to compete against the C-bolt. Bolt went after the sportster/forty eight then modified to get the c-class. Looks like HD is trying to do the same in retaliation. That bike is very unlike HD in my eyes.

  • I doubt it, the Bolt was focussed squarely at the 883 and the Forty Eight. It sits nicely in between. And while I prefer my bolt over both bikes, yamaha still has a long way of competing with the HD brand in general. Their loyalty base is almost fanatical :D

  • All thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs. In other words bolt got under HD's skin

  • Yea I was going to say the Sportster sized Harleys have always been around.. Yamaha just decided to get into that bobber look with the Bolt to try and share that style of the market.

  • All Yamaha would have to do is put a racing exhaust and intake on the Bolt and it would probably defeat the Forty Eight with ease. A sixth gear wouldn't hurt either.

  • Yeah this "Roadster" is basically just an Iron 1200.

  • It's a nice looking bike though.

  • It looks just like the Iron, it's not "new" it's a parts bin Sportster.