Ross Freeman shared a link to the group: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Tracer 900 / FJ-09 Owners Group.


I found this video of the led knuckle guards in action :)

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  • Liking those spot lamps wider apart!

  • Agree on that Phil , now then , i like these but , is that an mot failure ? White indicators essentially , any testers on here who can confirm or deny ....and if it is are they easy to either turn off or remove for test ....

  • I think they come with the indicator connection but it's an optional fit.

  • These are good as running markers, but indicators is overkill and probably not legal in some places. The issue I have with these is that the design saw fit to put ugly large connectors in the middle of the panel. A better design would be a connection bolted in from the back with wires running through the bolts. They look cool, but are cheap from a design perspective I think. Anyone want to partner to make a better design?

  • They are running lights that give you more presence on the road , if they had an amber set of leds that flashed when indicating it would be perfect I kinda agree on the indicator being over kill but you'd be surprised what car drivers can miss.... remember these lights are at the bar ends so the smidsy wiggle at junctions is greatly amplified visually. I think mine arrived today :) edit: as for legality in uk steady white to the front is not a problem if it doesn't dazzle other road users , but you might get a talking too for blinking white on indication ,I guess we will find out ,unless anyone can fathom the regulations which are as clear as mud.plenty of flashing white forward facing lights on push bikes and not seen them stopped...