Sand Island Maryland great time


Sand Island, Maryland great time..

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  • Just south of Havre de Grace. The channel splits 2 islands.

  • If you look at google maps and type battery island its next to that. Can't wait for this weekend, hope the weather holds out.

  • Went to sand island and battery island today. Busy place and too damn hot.

  • What kind of anchor do you use? I have danforth anchor. Wouldn't grab the bottom. I was drifting a lot!

  • I use a box anchor. My Danforth wouldn't hold there either.

  • Cool thanks! Will a small suffice or just get a large?

    I see a lot of guys using another off the back I guess to keep them from moving around too much.

  • I use a bigger one just to be sure. I also use my Danforth off the back as well.

  • I have a larger Danforth up front and digs in great, I also manually set it after stopped. I use a shore spike out the back, works perfect.

  • Cool. Do you still use the chain with the box anchor? Any specific brand to look at?

    I never anchored around a bunch of people before. I'm glad I stayed a little further out.

    I was sitting in the bow holding the anchor line and could feel it dragging across the bottom.

  • No chain with the box anchor, not sure about the brand, but there's not too many of em. It's bulky, but it won't move!

    I also have a shore spike, but usually just use my other anchor off the stern.