Saw this on another group. Shoulda been


Saw this on another group. Shoulda been!

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  • Funny you posted that for it is the wallpaper on my phone. Definitely one of the better cutoms I have saw.

  • Nice!

  • Xt?

  • TT 500 I believe

  • DR

  • DT 400 is a 2 stroke. The above is a 4 stroke and a DR is a Suzuki.

  • Donkey

  • I looked at this like 6 times today....I'm in love!

  • No doubt. It is bad azz..

  • I will try to find a pic of the one I built, 1981 YZ250 chasiss, with a big bore stroked TT250 , some guys will remember it had Woodland vintage in early 90's great bike, handled like a YZ but great power with the 250 4-stroke engine, bored /stroked/ported running a Bing carb too that worked so well, only bike I had stolen and never found yet