See those little plastic ends coming out the side. What are they called


See those little plastic ends coming out the side? What are they called? Mine are smashed and I would like to order new ones and I don't know how to search for them without a name. Thank you.

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  • check it out here.....go to your year and model...i just picked one out to show you..... Pilot, Water

    GJ1-6753B-02-00 3a13cf870021f60a11ed9/exhaust-3

  • That is an amazing site. Thank you for pointing me to it!

  • I use the part number and or name to find on amazon/ebay etc. or just from your dealer for easy ref number.....price etc

  • Those little bastards are $60 bucks...

  • Check on the forum site maybe someone found an alternative at the hardware store.

  • If you decide that is to expensive as I did, you can cut the ends off and file down. They will shoot water more outward which makes checking while driving easier.

  • Good plan.

  • Engine coolant pollution nozzles


  • I was able to locate them. However I may try the above trick of filing first.