Seen this guy riding in Los Angeles CA on Interstate 10


Seen this guy riding in Los Angeles CA on Interstate 10

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  • Sandles, shorts and a t-shirt!!!

  • Well I guess his head is safe. #jackass

  • The sandals are the only part that really bothers me. Shorts are rider preference but no one should ride in sandals

  • Is choice...

  • Must be from the island.

  • I heard they ride like that in the Hawaiian Islands

  • I have to admit although idiotic, irresponsible and dangerous, I have no problem riding like this. But first, the reason is, as someone mentioned, the rider must be from the islands, I am of Greek origin, and from the countless summers spent traveling in Greece and beyond that living there for 2 years in the 90's it is the norm. Temperatures are in the 90's plus, and everyone rides like that. Half the time, your minutes from the water. So a bathing suit and no top, yes with sandals is all you wear. It's crazy, and looks wild, and is really just asking for trouble when disaster strikes, but we all take chances somehow in many facets of our lives. Shit playing football or soccer can paralyze you. Just getting on a bike regardless of the gear you wear is high risk. Especially with drivers out there texting and never looking at their blind spots. The one thing I can say is that because of sub par road conditions, cobblestone roads gravel, sand, beaches, and the mountainous terrain and hills, they are very proficient and experienced riders. Getting a car is really expensive & so is fuel too, so bicycles, scooters and motorcycles are predominantly the mode of transportation. All my friends had Grandmothers riding Vespas to get around. In their 80's.It's second nature. It's not for show or for joining a club. Just saying. Don't come down on me, now. Ok folks. It's a different culture.

  • Thank you for your input

  • Even here where I am. Some of my friends ride like this or some ride like this because they just stole the bike thats why they wear helmet so they wont be seen on a cctv.

  • Damn Honda owners...

  • You can't fix stupid

  • no no