Seriously considering a Viking VI so I have room for the whole family The...


Seriously considering a Viking VI so I have room for the whole family. The wheel base is my only concern - Do these High Center often? Plenty enough power to haul 4 people?

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  • I have high centered mine but it was because I didn't get on the gas. Went over same spot again and gave it a lil gas. The full skid plate makes it easy to slide off any high center.

  • If your wanting to ride logging roads the Viking will be great but,if you want to ride tighter trails I say get a teryx 4.

  • My brother in law has a 6 and he goes everywhere my Viking 3 goes and my buddies rhino and teryx 2. Some of his turns are a little tight but we never have any issues

    He takes him and his wife and 3 kids and climbs just about any hill you can imagine and has a full bed with food coolers etc

  • I've never high centered ours even going a few places that I was sure it would happen. I do have lift and bigger tires on mine. But I've been amazed at the places it has went with zero problems. I will say if it has a downside it's when you have to back out of a tight spot. But other than that I wouldn't hesitate to take it anywhere id take a regular SxS

  • I never doubted it's ability but, where you back out it goes on through.I personally own a viking

  • I get threw all the trails my RzR and Maverick buddies get threw. Without a lift and oversized tires I would hy center stock a lot but now I love it after the upgrades . I may have to take a couple sharp turns and do the back and forth method but it does not bother me

  • I have just completed riding over 100 miles in the Wolf Pen Gap Arkansas area with my stock tires and no lift. Went through all the trails. Was a bit tight in some spots and hit the belly pan a bunch, but it never quit moving forward. I posted a video earlier this week wheeling through a washout. Overall, I am pretty impressed with it.

  • I'm going to wolf pen gap in a month or so do you have any pointers on where to ride? I have a 2015 with 2" lift and 30"tires also a 2016 grizzly stock rite now.

  • Good ground clearance with stock tires and suspension. 53 mph with 1 or 6 overweight adults. No difference.

  • With 4 to 6 people riding stock I wasn't pleased with the ground clearance and did high center several times. After adding a lift and bigger tires (28s) I haven't high centered since and have the power to ride 4 to 6 with no problems.

  • I rode the whole thing with the exception of 1 trail. I stayed off site and parked at the west trailhead. It is all good. You will enjoy.

  • I doubted mine at first. We have 4 kids and love it. In am running a 2" lift with 28" tires and have never been high centered (after the lift). Plenty of power and I out ran a ranger 800 and the tyrex!

  • Mine is bone stock. We've scraped lots of times. Only time we've been stuck due to high centering is at the dunes cresting over at to slow of speed.

    I'm limited due to trailer height clearance to make it any higher.

    But on the just goes.

    We usually have all 6 seats filled too.