Shane Scalpi shared a link to the group: Yamaha Bolt.

Found this on Instagram, bikes shaping up nicely... One of our customers customizing his Bolt using a lot of our parts. The bike features our Hugger fenders Batwing kit, 7x7 headlight with integrated turn signals, bullet rear signals and more

  • I wonder if articles in the swing arm bag would heat up because of close proximity to exhaust outlet.

  • Not feeling it, sorry!

  • No need for sorry... That's why we make lots of different products everyone's taste is different

  • These fenders made for a 2012 vstar 950?

  • Sorry Brock they don't, our Yamaha fenders are bike specific. We generally develop new products when we get a build for the particular bike. We have priced out several builds for the V-Star 950 over the last year and to date no one has moved forward. Hopefully it will eventually happen. Thanks

  • Agree its not exactly my taste . But thats why i love my bolt . Ive customized mine to the way i want it .