Shane Scalpi shared SS Custom Cycle Inc's photo to the group: Yamaha Bolt.

Just in case anyone hasn't checked it out yet, our new website has gone live... New products being added daily!

If there's products you'd like to see added, let us know, we'll do our best to hook ya up... Thanks tomCycle/posts/134585246215146 5:0

  • Nice. Much easier to navigate even mobile.

  • That was our goal, there's a in site search, user account creation, click to quote for international and for products that do not allow advertised promotions and free shipping on most of the products now Thanks!

  • What happened to the side mount tag relocate kit with oem tag light mount????

  • More options then ever! New products are going on daily uct/bkb-side-mount-plate/

  • Shane Scalpi thanks man!

  • Shawn My pleasure!

  • What ever happened to the other rear passenger footpeg u made? Or am i mistaken?

  • This one?

  • Yes

  • How much are these and also any ideas for rear sets for little more agressive foot position?

  • Richard Forrestal These have been put on the back burner, for now... Sorry, we have no plans for rear sets, we felt the product will be two expensive for most and a limited fitment with most exhausts.

  • Ten4

  • this is exactly what I wanted for you guys the old site was a little tricky but now it seems a lot more streamline can't wait to make my next order

  • Thanks Sam Glad ya like the new site!

  • Great site. I cant wait to get some money set aside for an order. BTW under the Bolt/Rspec foot control section you have the 4.5" info in the photo and initial description for the 6" relocate.

  • Thanks! Corrected

  • man the stuffs expensive but you talked me into it