She alive

She alive :)

  • ️Sweet got a 98 was pure dog just finished it all top to bottom mechanically now just got tart her up

  • This was b4

  • Sweet am leaven the tarting up till I get used to her when I striped her she had half power valve and a hole in crank case and exhaust was hanging off so she be a wee bit more angry than before lol

  • Sim to mine all bearings shot front to back inside and out the PV wasn't connected so piston hit it n messed it right up crank bearing seals leaked ect I payed £600 and spent about 400 so far

  • Animals ain't they tho

  • Yeah now I've built her she be perfect but as you say scary Mary lol some people just run them into the ground then people like us end up with them pour a bit cash a big bit love a wee new name and the bad ass bitches are reborn :)

  • Hell yeah to that m8 gotta be done Iv herd the 97/98 ware the best. Yr to have as your yr they tweeked stuff or summit made it handle less ect

  • If you check the history 99 won all sorts of motocross pro stuff off the top of my head I can't remember names ect but I did read up on it way last year when I bought her only other 250 that was and is still one of the best engines is the 2001 cr That's a mean bitch

  • Yeah I ment as in for all round ness thumper talk ect few race mags says 98 but just track 99

  • Yeah I'd agree with that bud :) bitches woohoo lol