Slip ons who s running what If you have a video post it Looking for good...


Slip-ons who's running what. If you have a video post it. Looking for good sound and fair price.

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  • Two brothers black series slip on. Definitely on the pricier side but I'm constantly switching between having the silencing tip on and off, depending on what I'm doing with the bike. Even with it on....not silent at all. Gets a little deeper and rumblier with it off

  • First with it on, then off

  • Baron. Just over $200 and loud as hell. Plus it just sounds good. I don't have video but there's a really good video on YouTube if u search. I looked at a bunch of videos before buying and the Baron just sounded the best. The bassani radial sweepers sound better but they're 3 times the cost and probably require a fuel controller