So after about 8 hrs on my rebuild I think I fouled my first plug Was riding n...


So after about 8 hrs on my rebuild I think I fouled my first plug. Was riding n it started missing n bogging n acting like a fouled plug. Then shut off n now won't start. Haven't had time to make sure that's what it is but say it is what do I need to change? Shouldn't be fouling plugs that often right? I mix 32.1 Bike is a 2000. Was running awesome b4 n I had been riding some slow trails but was trying to keep it cleaned out by revving it out now n then.

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  • Don't worry about a bit of splooge, mine pumps a bit out at 32:1. I'd prefer to see a bit coming out the back and know I've got enough going through than not see any and worry whether I was getting enough lube through. You could run it on old sump oil at 32:1 and it wouldn't cause plug fouling. If it's blowing a lot of smoke check your crank seals and/or keep an eye on your gearbox oil level to see if any is disappearing.

  • There's the plug. It's all black n covered in oily soot. It's a br8es. Is that the right plug to be running?

  • N there's a plug chop.

  • Dave, A plug 'Chop" actually refers to 'chopping the motor at the rpm that you want to read the plug at so that the jetting in other areas doesn't interfere with the reading, not physically chopping the end off the plug to get a better look at the electrode. So if you wanted to check your main jet you would ride the bike along at full throttle then 'chop" the engine by pulling the clutch and hitting the kill switch at the same time and letting the bike coast to a stop then taking the plug out and having a look at it. That way letting the bike idle won't interfere with the full throttle plug reading. Otherwise the bike could be really lean on the main jet but really rich on the pilot and if you let the bike run slow for any length of time you won't see the lean ness on he main jet because you'll only see the richness on the pilot. And yes, an 8 is the right plug, that's not your problem.

  • Yea i know but I chopped it off so I could get a better picture Lol. :) my Trans oil is fine. After lugging around awhile it really smoked after opening it up so I think it had a lot of oil build up in ther from lugging. I need to get a bunch of new plugs n do some jetting work. I think that's my issue!

  • The plug should be a br8eg according to tge manual

  • Yep. It's really impossible to read old plugs. Get a box of cheap new ones and work out your jetting then change to a race plug (Platinum, iridium, gold palladium) and the plug should last forever. It is a good point cutting the plug to get a really good look. I'm actually impressed with the neatness of your cut. Didn't even touch the insulator. With two strokes though, in my experience there's always a certain point in the rev range where they go into reversion due to tuned lengths/harmonics and start spitting fuel backwards out of the carb usually about 1/4 to 1/3 throttle. You can feel it when you ride them they change note and feel a bit fluffy usually just before they hit the band. If you can do it one day set the bike up so you can run it with the back of the carb open in the shed and just start it up and slowly open the throttle and I'll bet at a certain point you'll see a big ball of fuel mist start blowing out the back of the carb and it'll sound a bit fluffy then when you open the throttle a fraction more it just sucks back into the carb and disappears. It actually looks quite cool. In race cars they call it 'Fuel standoff". Anyway the point of my long winded rave is that I suspect that any bike no matter how well jetted if ridden around for long enough in this "reversion" zone would eventually foul plugs but you just get a feel for the motor and stay out of that throttle zone when you ride them.

  • Thats a lot of crud on that plug