So after installing block off plates and doing the air box mod and then going...


So after installing block off plates and doing the air box mod and then going on a test ride I have mixed emotions. First with the block off plates: i now only pop very seldomly on decel however at high rpm's when I let off it makes very small pop's so I may be running to lean/rich? And since I no longer pop on decel I feel weird because I got used to it.

Now the air box mod: I'm not sure yet that this is what's causing it but I feel like I dont engine break as well and it sounds strange on decel however it might be just because I'm not popping all the time anymore, I do love the noise of my exhaust even more now though, it gave it a sort of growl when I really give it some throttle on takeoff and deepen the tone a little bit but I dont know if I can really tell if there is any more power than before. I also installed a k&n air filter.

Any of these things happen to you guys on these installs?

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  • Hmm. Maybe I'll bring up my idle a bit.

  • Probably too rich..... the popping is excessive fuel. However, if u run a different map u may find less power because that's what commanders are intended to do, add fuel. I'd try loading some different maps and test riding. U may find that the one u have doesn't suit the bike best for the current modifications. It takes no time to do, and u can have fun fuckin around with it at the same time. :-)

  • My neighbor's love when I mess around with maps and tuning

  • What Jeff said lol